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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
Van HalenVan Halen1977LP
Van Halen51501986LP
Van HalenOU 8121988LP
VangelisThe Best of Vangelis1978LP
VangelisChariots of Fire - Music from the Original Soundtrack1981LP
VangelisInvisible Connections1985CD
Various ArtistsSecret Policeman's Ball, The1979LP
Various ArtistsSecret Policeman's Other Ball, The1981LP
Various ArtistsHits of the Screaming Sixties1982LP
Various ArtistsHits of the Screaming Sixties1982LP
Various ArtistsSudden Impact and the Best of Dirty Harry1983LP
Various ArtistsGhostbusters - Original Soundtrack Album1984LP
Various ArtistsAmerican Heartbeat1984LP
Various ArtistsMusic from the Television Series Miami Vice1985LP
Various ArtistsTop Gun - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack1986LP
Various ArtistsRock Legends1986LP
Various ArtistsLonely is an Eyesore1987LP
Various ArtistsGood Morning, Vietnam - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack1988LP
Various ArtistsHot City Nights1988LP
Various ArtistsRock the Nation - The Chart Show1988LP
Various ArtistsOriginal Motion Picture Soundtrack - Black Rain1989LP
Various ArtistsRock the Nation Vol II - The Chart Show1989LP
Various ArtistsWild at Heart - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack1990LP
Various ArtistsMarquee Metal1991LP
Various ArtistsThe Power and the Glory1991LP
Various ArtistsThe Boys are Back in Town1992LP
Various ArtistsRed Hot and Dance1992LP
Various ArtistsThe Chart Show Ultimate Rock 21993CD
Various ArtistsMotown: The Ultimate Hits Collection1994CD
Various ArtistsThe Best Country Album in the World.... Ever!1994CD
Various ArtistsThe Best Rock 'n' Roll Album in the World...Ever!1994CD
Various ArtistsNo. 1 All Time Rock Album1995CD
Various ArtistsThe Best Sixties Album in the World...Ever!1995CD
Various ArtistsThis is Cult Fiction1995CD
Various ArtistsOne Voice - The Songs of Chage and Aska1996CD
Various ArtistsThis Is Easy1996CD
Vaughan Brothers, TheFamily Style1990LP
Vaughan, Stevie RayThe Sky is Crying1991LP
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double TroubleTexas Flood1983LP
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double TroubleCouldn't Stand the Weather1984LP
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double TroubleSoul to Soul1985LP
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double TroubleLive Alive1986LP
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double TroubleIn Step1989LP
Vega, SuzanneSuzanne Vega1985LP
Vega, SuzanneSolitude Standing1987LP
Vega, SuzanneDays of Open Hand1990LP
Vela, RosieZazu1986LP
Velvet Underground & Nico, TheAndy Warhol1967CD
Ventures, TheGolden Greats by the VenturesLP
Voice of the BeehiveI Say Nothing198712" 45
Voice of the BeehiveDon't Call Me Baby198812" 45
Voice of the BeehiveI Walk the Earth198812" 45
Voice of the BeehiveLet It Bee1988LP
Voice of the BeehiveThe Radio 1 Sessions198912" 45
Voice of the BeehiveHoney Lingers1991LP
Voix Bulgares, LesLe Mystere Des Voix Bulgares, Volume 21988CD

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