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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
Tabor, JuneAbyssinians1983LP
Tabor, June and the Oyster BandFreedom and Rain1990LP
TackheadStrange Things1990LP
Talking HeadsTalking Heads: 771977LP
Talking HeadsMore Songs About Buildings and Food1978LP
Talking HeadsFear of Music1979LP
Talking HeadsRemain in Light1980LP
Talking HeadsThe Name of this Band is Talking Heads1982LP
Talking HeadsSpeaking in Tongues1983LP
Talking HeadsStop Making Sense1984LP
Talking HeadsLittle Creatures1985LP
Talking HeadsNaked1988LP
Tangerine DreamPhaedra1974CD
Tangerine DreamFlashpoint - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack1985LP
Tangerine DreamDream Sequence1985LP
Tangerine DreamOptical Race1988LP
Tangerine DreamThe Private Music of Tangerine Dream1992CD
Tears for FearsThe Seeds of Love1989LP
Tears for FearsWoman in Chains198912" 45
TexasEveryday Now198912" 45
TexasMothers Heaven1991LP
TexasRicks Road1993CD
TexasWhite on Blonde1997CD
TexasThe Hush1999CD
The TheSoul Mining1983LP
The TheInfected1986LP
The TheGravitate to Me198912" 45
The TheMind Bomb1989LP
Thin LizzyDedication - The Very Best of Thin Lizzy1991LP
This Mortal CoilSixteen Days - Gathering Dust198312" 45
This Mortal CoilIt'll End in Tears1984LP
This Mortal CoilFiligree and Shadow1986LP
This Mortal CoilBlood1991LP
Thompson, RichardDaring Adventures1986LP
Thorogood, George and the DestroyersMaverick1985LP
Throwing MusesThrowing Muses1986LP
Throwing MusesHouse Tornado1988LP
Throwing MusesHunkpapa1989LP
Throwing MusesThe Real Ramona1991LP
Throwing MusesBright Yellow Gun1994CD S
Throwing MusesUniversity1995CD
Tikaram, TanitaAncient Heart1988LP
Timbuk 3Greetings from1986LP
Timbuk 3Eden Alley1988LP
Timbuk 3Edge of Allegiance1989LP
Tin MachineTin Machine1989LP
Tin MachineUnder the God198912" 45
Tin MachineTin Machine II1991LP
TomitaSnowflakes are Dancing1974LP
TomitaTomita's Greatest Hits1979LP
Toneff, Radka and Steve DobrogoszFairy Tales1982LP
T'PauBridge of Spies1987LP
Transvision VampPop Art1988LP
Traveling Wilburys, TheVolume One1988LP
TrickyPre-Millennium Tension1996CD
Trickyangels with dirty faces1998CD
Tubes, TheThe Tubes1975LP
Tubes, TheThe Completion Backward Principle1981LP
Tubes, TheOutside Inside1983LP
Turner, TinaPrivate Dancer1984LP
Turner, TinaWe Don't Need Another Hero198512" 45
Turner, TinaSimply the Best1991LP
Tzuke, JudyRoad Noise - The Official Bootleg1982LP
Tzuke, JudyTurning Stones1989LP

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