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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
R.E.M.No 5 Document1987LP
R.E.M.Out of Time1991LP
RadioheadO.K. Computer1997CD
Rafferty, GerryNight Owl1979LP
RainbowDifficult to Cure1981LP
Raitt, BonnieNick of Time1989LP
Rea, ChrisDancing with Strangers1987LP
Rea, ChrisThe Road to Hell1989LP
Redd KrossThird Eye1990LP
Reed, LouTransformer1972LP
Reed, LouNew York1989LP
ReneeReaching for the Sky1980LP
Richards, KeithTalk is Cheap1988LP
RoachfordGet Ready!1991LP
Rolling Stones, TheHot Rocks 1964-1971 - The Greatest HitsLP
Rolling Stones, TheIt's Only Rock and Roll1974LP
Rolling Stones, TheSome Girls1978LP
Rolling Stones, TheSteel Wheels1989LP
Rolling Stones, TheStripped1995CD
Romeo's DaughterRomeo's Daughter1988LP
Ronstadt, LindaGreatest Hits Volume One1976LP
Ronstadt, LindaGreatest Hits Volume Two1980LP
Roxy MusicRoxy Music1972LP
Roxy MusicFor Your Pleasure1973LP
Roxy MusicStranded1973LP
Roxy MusicCountry Life1974LP
Roxy MusicSiren1975LP
Roxy MusicManifesto1979LP
Roxy MusicFlesh and Blood1980LP
Roxy MusicAvalon1982LP
Roxy Music/ Bryan FerryStreetlife - 20 Great Hits1986LP
Rutherford, MikeSmallcreep's Day1980LP
Rutherford, MikeActing Very Strange1982LP

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