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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
Pale SaintsThe Comforts of Madness1990LP
Pale SaintsHalf-life199012" 45
Pale SaintsFlesh Balloon199112" 45
Palmer, RobertSome People Can Do What They Like1976LP
Palmer, RobertDouble Fun1977LP
Palmer, RobertClues1980LP
Palmer, RobertRiptide1985LP
Palmer, RobertDon't Explain1990LP
Parker Jr., RayGhostbusters198412" 45
Pearl JamTen1991CD
Petty, TomFull Moon Fever1989LP
Petty, Tom and the HeartbreakersDamn the Torpedoes1979LP
Petty, Tom and the HeartbreakersDon't Come Around Here No More198412" 45
Petty, Tom and the HeartbreakersPack Up the Plantation Live!1985LP
Petty, Tom and the HeartbreakersSouthern Accents1985LP
Pink FloydUmmagumma1969LP
Pink FloydAtom Heart Mother1970LP
Pink FloydMeddle1971LP
Pink FloydDark Side of the Moon1973LP
Pink FloydWish You Were Here1975LP
Pink FloydAnimals1977LP
Pink FloydThe Wall1979LP
Pink FloydNot Now John198312" 45
Pink FloydThe Final Cut1983LP
Pink FloydA Momentary Lapse of Reason1987LP
Pink FloydDelicate Sound of Thunder1988LP
PixiesCome on Pilgrim1987LP
PixiesSurfer Rosa1988LP
PixiesDeath to the Pixies1997DBLE CD
Plant, RobertNow and Zen1988LP
Police, TheOutlandos d'Amour1978LP
Police, TheReggatta de Blanc1979LP
Police, TheSynchronicity1983LP
Police, TheGreatest Hits1992CD
PortisheadGlory Box1994CD S
PortisheadNumb1994CD S
PortisheadSour Times1994CD S
PortisheadSour Times199412" 33
PortisheadSour Times (Nobody Loves Me)1994CD S
PortisheadGlory Box199412" 33
PortisheadAll Mine199712" 33
PortisheadOver 21997CD S
PortisheadOver199712" 33
PortisheadAll Mine1997CD S
PortisheadOver1997CD S
PortisheadOnly You1998CD S
PortisheadRoseland NYC Live1998CD
PortisheadRoseland NYC Live1998CD
Pretenders, TheThe Singles1987LP
Primal ScreamVanishing Point1997CD
Primal ScreamEchodek1997CD
Primitives, TheLovely1988LP
Primitives, ThePure1989LP
PrimusTales from the Punchbowl1995CD
PrinceLittle Red Corvette198212" 45
PrincePurple Rain1984LP
PrinceAround the World in a Day1985LP
PrinceKiss198612" 45
PrinceSign o' the Times1987LP
PrinceU Got the Look198712" 45
PrinceI Wish You Heaven198812" 45
PrinceBatdance198912" 33
PrincePartyman198912" 45
PrinceDiamonds and Pearls1991LP
PrinceGett Off199112" 33
PrinceThe Hits 21993CD
PrinceThe Hits 11993CD

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