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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
Fairground AttractionThe First of a Million Kisses1988LP
Faithful, MarianneDangerous Acquaintances1981LP
Faithful, MarianneA Child's Adventure1983LP
Faithful, MarianneStrange Weather1987LP
Faltermeyer, HaroldAxel F (The London Mix)198412" 45
Faltermeyer, HaroldAxel F (The M&M Mix)198412" 45
Fame, The Kids fromMusic from the TV Series1982LP
Ferry, BryanBoys and Girls1985LP
Ferry, BryanBete Noire1987LP
Fine Young CannibalsThe Raw and the Cooked1988LP
Fine Young CannibalsThe Raw and the Remix1990LP
Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac1975LP
Fleetwood MacRumours1977LP
Fleetwood MacTusk1979LP
Fleetwood MacMirage1982LP
Fleetwood MacTango in the Night1987LP
Fleetwood MacBehind the Mask1990LP
Fordham, JuliaJulia Fordham1988LP
Franke, ChristopherCelestine Prophecy, The1995CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 51995CD
Franke, ChristopherKlemania1995CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5, Volume 2 - Messages from Earth1997CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 - Severed Dreams1997CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 - A Late Delivery from Avalon1997CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 - Walkabout1997CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 - Shadow Dancing1997CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 - Z'Ha'Dum1997CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 - Interludes and Examinations1998CD
Franke, ChristopherThirdspace1998CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 - The Face of the Enemy1998CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 - No Surrender, No Retreat1998CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 - Into the Fire1998CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 - The Fall of Night1998CD
Franke, ChristopherBabylon 5 -The Ragged Edge1998CD
FreeThe Best of Free - All Right Now1991LP
Fun Lovin' CriminalsCome Find Yourself1996CD
Future Sound of London, TheLifeforms1994CD
Fuzzbox, We've Got A...and We're Gonna Use ItBostin' Steve Austin1986LP

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