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Artist: Title: Year: Format:
CameoWord Up!1986LP
Cardigans, TheGran Tourismo1998CD
Carey, MariahCarey, Mariah1990LP
Carey, MariahEmotions1991CD
Carey, MariahUnplugged EP1992CD
Carey, MariahMusic Box1993CD
Carlisle, BelindaHeaven on Earth1987LP
CarmelThe Falling1986LP
CarmelSet Me Free1989LP
Carnes, KimMistaken Identity1981LP
CarpentersThe Singles 1969-1973LP
CarpentersTheir Greatest Hits1990CD
Carroll, DinaOnly Human1996CD
Cars, TheThe Cars1978LP
Cars, TheCandy-O1979LP
Cars, ThePanorama1980LP
Cars, TheShake It Up1981LP
Cars, TheHeartbeat City1984LP
Cars, TheDoor to Door1987LP
Chapman, RogerMango Crazy1983LP
Chapman, TracyTracy Chapman1988LP
Cherry, NenehRaw Like Sushi1989LP
ChicagoThe Heart of Chicago1989CD
Childs, ToniUnion1988LP
Christians, TheThe Christians1987LP
Christians, TheColour1990LP
Clail On-U Sound System, GaryDreamstealers1993CD
Clan of XymoxClan of Xymox1985LP
ClannadMagical Ring1983LP
Clapton, EricTimepieces - The Best of Eric Clapton1982LP
Clapton, EricBacktrackin'1984LP
Clash, TheThe Story of The Clash1988CD
Clinton, GeorgeThe Cinderella Theory1989CD
Cocteau TwinsGarlands1982LP
Cocteau TwinsLullabies198212" 45
Cocteau TwinsHead Over Heels1983LP
Cocteau TwinsPeppermint Pig198312" 45
Cocteau TwinsSunburst and Snowblind198312" 45
Cocteau TwinsThe Spangle Maker198412" 45
Cocteau TwinsTreasure1984LP
Cocteau TwinsThe Pink Opaque1984LP
Cocteau TwinsAikea-Guinea198512" 45
Cocteau TwinsEchoes in a Shallow Bay198512" 45
Cocteau TwinsTiny Dynamine198512" 45
Cocteau TwinsLove's Easy Tears1986LP
Cocteau TwinsVictorialand1986LP
Cocteau TwinsBlue Bell Knoll1988LP
Cocteau TwinsIceblink Luck199012" 45
Cocteau TwinsHeaven or Las Vegas1990LP
Cole, Lloyd and the CommotionsMainstream1987LP
Collins, PhilHello, I Must Be Going!1982LP
Collins, PhilTake Me Home198512" 45
Collins, PhilIn the Air Tonight ('88 Remix)198812" 45
Colvin, ShawnCover Girl1994CD
Comsat Angels, TheSleep No More1981LP
Comsat Angels, TheLand1983LP
Concrete BlondeBloodletting1990LP
Concrete BlondeJoey199012" 45
Cooder, RyJazz1978LP
Cooder, RyBop Till You Drop1979LP
Cooder, RyBorderline1980LP
Cooder, RyThe Slide Area1982LP
Cooder, RyGet Rhythm1987LP
Cooke, SamThe Man and His Music1986LP
Costello Show, TheKing of America1986LP
Costello, ElvisSpike1989LP
Cowboy JunkiesThe Trinity Sessions1988LP
Cowboy JunkiesThe Caution Horses1990LP
Cowboy JunkiesBlack Eyed Man1992LP
Cowboy Junkies200 More Miles1995CD
Cowboy JunkiesLay it down1996CD
Cranberries, TheEverybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We1992CD
Cranberries, TheZombie1994CD S
Cranberries, TheNo Need to Argue1994CD
Craven, BeverleyBeverley Craven1990LP
Craven, BeverleyLove Scenes1993CD
Cray Band, The RobertDon't Be Afraid of the Dark1988LP
Cray, RobertStrong Persuader1986LP
CreamStrange Brew - The Very Best of Cream1983LP
Cruise, JuleeFloating into the Night1989LP
Cruise, JuleeFalling199012" 45
Cruise, JuleeThe Voice of Love1993CD

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